Health Safety & Environmental Consultancy

Our role is to embed health, safety and environmental values across Genesis operations, to create an incident free working environment.

Our Chartered Health and Safety and Environmental Practitioners will work closely with you to achieve tangible improvements to demonstrate to your stakeholders the positive impact of a high performance.

HSE Consulting has established a strong position as a leading provider of HSE expertise in the region offering a wide range of consultancy services and specialized support to the public sector, industrial, infrastructure & development and commercial organizations

We offer consultancy support on Risk Analysis, Integrated Management System and Accident/Incident Investigation.

We Are Offering Following HSEC Services

Risk Analysis

The Risk Analysis process does not always need to be a complex process that requires significant investment.


An integrated management system is a management system that integrates all of an organization’s systems.


It is vital to be able to learn from accidents and undesired events in order to improve safety on projects.