Improve soil productivity, effectiveness and sustainability with precision farming services from SEES.

Sustainability in agriculture is increasing in importance as the industry is impacted by rising production costs, fluctuating product costs and/or prices and food security requirements, as well as customer demand for better quality/healthier products. Meeting this challenge requires farming enterprises to cut costs, increase production and become more effective, though this task is impossible without definite detail.


Our precision farming services equip farm managers with the detailed information required to make better decisions and maximize productivity. These include:

  • Soil chemical mapping – variable rate application of lime/gypsum
  • Leaf sampling
  • Crop inspections
  • Yield data interpretation
  • Analysis of macro and trace elements
  • Water analysis
  • Satellite imagery/NDVI
  • Soil potential (different crops) for variability management in fields
  • Tillage methods (depth and type)
  • Fertilizer recommendations (variable rate application)
  • Project development (irrigation, orchards and feasibility studies)
  • Drainage evaluation
  • Effective root depth and water capacity
  • Zone management for VRT fertilizing (classification, chemical soil sampling and yield data interpretation)

Our precision farming services ensure that you have access to all the information about your farm that is necessary to make effective and successful decisions about crop production and sustainability.