Radio Frequency Safety Officer ( RFSO)  is one who has authority to monitor & enforce the control of RF hazards and affect the knowledgeable evaluation and control of RF hazards. Meets the Motorola R56 requirement for RFSP as required by law: OSHA, FCC,  Carriers, Turf Vendors, site managers, IEEE, DID state and local municipalities.

Topics for RFSO training:

  • Introduction to RF sources and RF safety.
  • RF generators, transmission lines, wave propagation
  • Antennas
  • Biological effects/hazards
  • Standards, basis of standards/regulations
  • Analytical parameters/methods for estimating RF fields
  • Instrumentation, personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Elements of an RF exposure safety/protection program
  • Procedures to be observed for suspected overexposures
  • RF signs, alarms, barricades
  • Medical implant concerns
  • Electro-explosive devices
  • Risk communication, risk management
  • Sources of additional information