Determine the best crop for different soil types with SEES’s soil classification services.

Every farm and its owner needs to maximize productivity to mitigate rising costs, changeable prices and the need to improve food security. Farm managers equipped with a scientific understanding of the soil composition on a farming enterprise, can make informed decisions on which crops to plant to achieve the highest and best quality yield. By evaluating soil properties, we can recommend types of crops, tillage methods, drainage/irrigation and fertilization, among many other factors that can impact productivity.

Utilize soil classification to identify and support:

  • Soil potential (different crops) for variability management in fields
  • Tillage methods (depth and type)
  • Fertilizer recommendations (variable rate application)
  • Project development (irrigation, orchards and feasibility studies)
  • Drainage evaluation
  • Effective root depth and water capacity
  • Zone management for VRT fertilizing (classification, chemical soil sampling and yield data interpretation)

Our soil classification service includes:

  • Physical classification of soil on grid formation
  • Establishment of a soil map and crop specific production potential
  • Recommendations on soil properties and their management
  • Precision farming maps (GPS Maps)
  • Detailed discussion of report with a soil scientist / agronomist
  • Variable rate application maps for fertilizer (if needed)